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What are Essentials?

The Essentials products are a range of over 1300 items, which the electrical installer will use for installations on a day to day basis. It is the electrical
installers list of ‘essentials’ which are grouped for ease of access in the ERF
Essentials catalogue.

These items are in stock at every branch across our network, at all times.

All ERF products are available to the trade and the public.

The ERF Essentials
The Essentials range covers all the products your need on a day to day basis:

We also feature special offers on new and exciting products, as well as great
deals on commonly used items.

What products are on offer?
Essentials is a selection of day to day products for electrical installers covering
the 1st and 2nd fix stage of an install as well as site equipment and tools which
may be needed to get the job done.
Our 1st fix products cover items such as screws, raw plugs, drill bits, cavity
boxes and cable clips.

The 2nd fix range covers double sockets and switches, LED luminaires, down
lights, PIRs and circuit boards, plus many other items.